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Barbershops are more than just a place to get a haircut. History tells us that the barbershop has long played a significant role in community and culture, particularly for Black people in America. In fact, barbershops were one of the first establishment types that allowed BIPOC, (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to pursue entrepreneurship.

Today, barbershops continue to be an important part of the local economy and community. From healthcare promotion to positive community outreach and economic growth, the significance and importance of barbershops shouldn’t be overlooked. There are a variety of benefits to having a barbershop in your community.

Keeping Healthcare Close

An important aspect of a barbershop is its ability to promote healthcare at a local level, helping to raise awareness of disease prevention. In some cases, barbers have become health educators at a base level. Studies have shown that when barbers are involved in minor healthcare treatments, such as checking for blood pressure, clients can react better to treatments and advice. These people already see their barber regularly, which makes receiving care convenient and also gives the clients neighborly support. 

Giving Back

Barbershops aren’t just a place where people can learn about their health. They also serve as areas of trust and appreciation, especially for men. This social bonding can be empowering, and many local barbers are beginning to use their barbershops as a place to make positive social change. Barbershops across the country are giving back to their communities in many ways. Some barbers encourage positive relationships between dads and their children, while others focus on issues like men’s health, employment, and education. Social media even plays a role now. Here are a few examples of how some barbershops have used social media to support their local communities: 


    • One barber began giving complimentary haircuts to homeless men. He now travels the world performing these services for other underprivileged people and uses the hashtag #beawesometosomebody to record his efforts.

    • Another barber uses his skills to cut the hair of disabled children and has traveled to poor areas of India to provide free cuts. He posts his experiences on Instagram.

    • The movement #Movember started as a “No Shave November” trend but has evolved into a fundraising organization to raise awareness for men’s health issues like testicular cancer and mental health.

Boosting the Economy

Of course, local barbershops—and localized businesses in general—have a  major economic impact on their communities. According to Forbes, barbering is one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S. There is always a need for barbers, because there isn’t any online competition – you just can’t get a haircut online! The beauty industry is one part of retail that can’t be completely replaced by online sources. Locally owned barbershops help to provide jobs and wages, drive economic competition, keep money circulating within a local system, and help to stimulate economic growth in a community.

Empowering BIPOC

The history of barbershops is deeply rooted in Black culture in America. For many BIPOC, getting a haircut at a barbershop is more than a commodity. It is an experience that fosters community bonding. Black barbershops act as a symbol of Black entrepreneurship and represent social and economic stability. Much of barbershop culture now has ties to roots in Black barbershops, specifically. This history is important in understanding U.S. history as a whole, and empowering BIPOC.

What Services do Barbershops Provide?

There are many benefits to having a barbershop in your community, and one of those is having a place to get a good haircut or shave. Barbershops often have trained barbers who can give you the cut you desire. They provide many services to their neighbors and clients. Here are just some of the services your local barbershop most likely provides:


    • Straight Razor and Wet Shave

    • Scalp Massage & Conditioning

    • Facials

Barbershops build communities and relationships with neighbors. Barbers are experts when it comes to short haircuts, close shaves, and friendship with their clients. These amenities are things you definitely cannot buy online, so it’s crucial to find a barber or hairstylist you trust to perform them. Stop by your local barbershop to get any of these services.

How You Can Get Involved?

Barbershops are one of the most historically influential business types in America. They can help build communities and promote camaraderie among neighbors. Becoming a barber is an exciting and important journey. If you want to enter this historical field by becoming a barber and have questions, Artistic Nails & Beauty Academy can provide you with answers. Our barbering program can teach effective communication skills as well as different hairstyling skills. We’d love to get you started on your passions! To learn more, contact us today to get started.

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